Friday, February 27, 2009

Saturday Nite Alright


Going on simultaneously, is the Learning Secret's party featuring Runaway(Brooklyn NY)at Beauty Bar($2 w/RSVP, $5 w/o), and the Culnsweet dance party at Black and Tan(free). Here's is the Learning Secrets flyer...

I absolutely love the design for all Learning Secrets and Lydia Reynold's flyers, so cool.

I think CulNsweet lost their crayons.


The design for this flyer for their monthly at Black and Tan is, eh, oookay...


I've seen pictures like that of the girl below on prior CulNsweet flyers. Who ever draws those pictures for them should do all their future flyers in my opinion. Anyways, this will be a pretty cool dance party...should be fung!


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Petit Flo said...

Hate pandas, but I love that panda picture.
Anyway hey thanks, yeah SXSW has a million acts though I'd never be able to go :(
Long list of big acts though, love AC Slater, CLP, Felix Cartal and Jack Beats who have some heavy beats (mostly pretty wobbly and all), Ocelot's more pinball electro (check out their remix of Dragonette if you haven't already?), though I remember UK bands like Duke Spirit w/ a darker sound from back in the day when I was SO underage to pass for 18.
Flo x