Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Magnifique et Splendide 2K8 Musique Review

So yeah, that huge list on yesterdays post of musicians and producers slash disc jockeys I saw this year is astonishing in my eyes. I say, that is the most shows I've ever seen in one year. I just had an itch, and it resulted in all out live music binge. 2K9 will hopefully top 2K8, and this time I will look for a more economical way to do it.

I also hope next year includes more fine art and not just music. I'm slowly getting into the art scene here, so we shall see. Instead of being a barfly or club kid, I wanna be a gallery a go go nut. I think there are alot of outlets and spaces for the arts, and E.A.S.T really opened my eyes to this just like the SXSW festival did for me with live music.

So, what bands did I like the most? I would say Cut Copy, Simian Mobile Disco, and Matt and Kim blew my mind.


I had alot of fun at these shows and I totally rocked out the entire time. I'm not saying the other shows didn't do it for me, I'm just saying Cut Copy and company where very memorable acts which I would want to see again without a doubt.

Honorable mention goes to Crystal Castles, Heartsrevolution, Designer Drugs, Thievery Corp, Ladytron, Health, Le Loupe, Yelle, Times New Viking, NIN, CSS, Hot Chip, Ian Orth, Juan Maclean, Gang Gang Dance, Nite Jewel, Deerhunter and...okay, I could go on forever but Im gonna stop while I'm ahead. For the most part, most of the shows where awesome, no complaints.

Although, I was disappointed with the DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist's LaZona Rosa show, TV on the Radio's Stubbs show, and Ponytail's SXSW set(and probable others too but I'll let it slide).

DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist tried spinning and mixing nothing but 45s(lil-itty-bitty records), and that just started out and ended badly.


Don't get me wrong, I understand its hard and all, but maybe it should not have even been attempted. This was the start of their US tour, so maybe near the end of the tour they where able to work out the bugs.

With TV on the Radio, I had high expectations, but the show and the music just didn't move me like I thought it would. I figured it was going to be phenomenal but it lacked something. Maybe I need to give them a second chance.


Ponytail was just annoying, nuff said.

The funniest act has to go to the Tim and Eric Awesome Show at Fun Fun Fun Festival.


Honorable mention for the funniest act goes to Lord of the Dance for shits and giggles.

Monday, December 29, 2008

A New Years Heads Up and an '08 Recap

Well the New Year is upon us. If long road trips like Marfa TX or Monterrey MX are not appealing, then maybe a shorter road trip would be your forte. You should

Armand Van Helden in Houston TX


or Fischerspooner in Dallas TX


Richard.Gear, a local DJ, will be in attendance at Victory Grill. This is another cool thing to do in Austin TX for New Years Eve if you wanna keep it local.


2008 Recap on shows, concerts, and dance parties that I attended this year, or aleast what I can remember:

* Tacks, the Boy Disaster
* Snowden
* Crystal Castles
* Toxic Avenger
* Dan Deacon
* Dead Milkman
* Clipse
* Kool Keith
* Yacht
* Ear Pwr
* Health
* Colour Revolt
* Busdriver
* Treasure Fingers
* Count and Sinden
* Mock Tigers
* Future Islands
* Yelle
* Justice
* Richie Hawtin
* Dj Mehdi
* Gang Gang Dance
* Rainbow^Arabia
* Flosstradamus
* Disco Villians
* Zombie Disco Squad
* TV on the Radio
* Foo Fighters
* Abstract Rude
* Aesop Rock
* Mix Master Mike
* Hollywood Holt
* The Pigeon Detectives
* Devotchka
* Le Loupe
* Simian Mobile Disco
* Heartsrevolution
* Franki Chan
* Cut Copy
* Presets
* Thievery Corporation
* Ladytron
* Ian Orth
* Liars
* Ratatat
* Mai Shi
* Del The Funky Homosapien
* Doneski
* The Raveonettes
* Chromeo
* Ponytail
* Ice Cube
* Digitalism
* The Death Set
* Best Fwends
* Japanther
* Ra Ra Riot
* Saul Williams
* Team Robespiererre
* Zeale 32
* Slaraffenland
* Parts and Labor
* Neliyo
* A Place To Bury Strangers
* Richard.Gear
* Holy Fuck
* Thieves Like Us
* Does It Offend You, Yeah?
* Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip
* Plants and Animals
* Mr Fantastico
* Ztrip
* Yeasayer
* Vampire Weekend
* Hot Chip
* David Byrne
* Manu Chao
* Dj Orion
* The Cool Kids
* Dj Klever
* The Fratellis
* Erykah Badu
* Felix Cartel
* Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band
* Beck
* Markus with a k
* Butthole Surfers
* Dj Yay Yay
* The Kills
* Tim and Eric Awesome Show
* The Octopus Project
* Xiu Xiu
* Stars
* Neko Case
* Silversun Pickups
* Bul!m!atron!
* Gnarls Barkley
* Dj Baby Anne
* Cry Blood Apache
* Paul Van Dyke
* Matt and Kim
* D.I.M.
* Sister Nancy
* Dj Queen Majesty
* Lyrics Born
* Deerhunter
* Atmosphere
* King Louie
* Dj Shawdow
* Cut Chemist
* Nite Jewel
* Times New Viking
* Car Stereo(wars)
* The Ting Tings
* Juan Maclean
* Drums of Death
* Ocelot
* Grupo Fantasma
* Weezer
* Lord of The Dance
* Mstrkrft
* Ghost Land Observatory
* Abominatron
* White Denim
* Vermillion Lies
* Wolfgang Gartner
* Kid Kola
* Ministry
* Designer Drugs
* Angles and Airwaves
* Richard Henry
* La Riots
* Redman
* Talib Kweli

I can't think of any more but I will continue to up date once the bands or DJs come to mind.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Grey Gardens


Last night I watched a program on PBS called Independent Lens. The episode was about the musical adaptation of a documentary by the name Grey Gardens. Grey Gardens is a film which is a cult classic. It was made in 1975, and it is about an eccentric and reclusive daughter and mother living in a dilapidated mansion.


The spontaneous and spunky daughter, which has some very interesting fashion sense and claims to be a singer, is Edith "Little Edie" Bouvier Beale, and her elderly mother, who claims to be a dancer, is Edith "Big Edie" Ewing Bouvier Beale. They are descendants of the same aristocratic family as that of the First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, who of course was the wife of late John F. Kennedy.


The two Edies, in a sense, where considered outsiders and where ignored by their respectable family. The family fortune was not shared with them other then a small trust fund, which allowed them the privilege to acquire the property they lived on in East Hampton called Grey Gardens. The mansion they lived in on the property was consumed by this overgrowth of vegetation, and the internal surroundings of the house resembled the outside; clothing, trash, and debris littered the once prestigious interior, which was, not only occupied by these women, but also home to cats, raccoons, and a marble faun. The documentary is a raw look at these two very unreal women just being themselves in front of the camera. Interestingly enough, the film was transformed into a theatrical performance and musical.


Eventually it gained enough support and positive reviews allowing it to move on to Broadway. On opening night of its Broadway performance, a New York Times critic from Chicago named Ben Brantley wrote a review about the musical. This respected critic is said to have the ability to close down Broadway shows but provided nothing but kudos for this Broadway musical adaptation of the film. Who knows, maybe it will make it to this area in theaters, but probably not unfortunately. I would highly recommend checking out the documentary if your into Tennessee Williams or John Waters. If your not into those individuals mentioned, I would still check it out for a truly different movie going experience.


Monday, December 22, 2008

A New Years Eve Story

Well, I'm kinda looking forward to New Years Eve. A new year and new beginnings, right. Two things I would like to do would be to go to Marfa TX or Monterry MX.

Marfa TX:


In Marfa, I don't think anything extremely special is going on, but I wouldn't mind partying with the locals and artist out in the middle of West Texas. I associate Marfa with amazing minimal art and the ex terrestrial Marfa lights. You can't go wrong with that to start off the new year. By the way, Yacht is playing in Marfa on January 31 2009. That's kinda of an interesting FYI.

The other thing I would love to do is go to Monterey MX to party it up with Mad Decent and Culnsweet:


I've been really really interested in going to Monterrey and other Mexican cities. I think this would be the perfect opportunity to go and also have a lot of fun. The price of a 150 bucks and the drive scares me though.

So since I don't have a whole lot of money, I'll probably just stay in Austin TX and have a mundane but always fun weekend. First Nite will probably grab my attention during the day if I'm off from work, and Black and Tan will have me Dancing to the


and Ocelot!!!!!!


Heres another installment from my Story:

Part II of the Story

Before Ram Random Rich can autostop, drop, and evol-ve. He must travel in his time machine with his pet falcon Nostradamus to tell his brother a riddle;

miniature stairs sit upon a 90° slope, and into the galaxy washes away glass candy hopes. These bruises fade away like family trees uprooted by the storm surge of the gulf coast's Siamese twin cat. I'm so so so scared and frightened. What if it misses or what if it attacks. Impulse, react, for its a fact, you can't take it back. It=Love. The warm wheelchair AED heart affair and the winged pyramids over Washington's disguise infiltrate my soft sun spot. 360° of logic are showered in the fragile evergreen awe.

This gibberish must be solved, or the Marfa lights will blind Tricky Rich like that of "essence-draining". As his brother studys the riddle like Dante in front of the Gates of Hell, Ridic Rich reads his twin nieces a bed time story....

On Thra, a planet, there are three suns; the Great Sun, the Rose Sun, and the Dying Sun. Many creatures and races inhabit the planet, but the dominant race is the urSkeks, who came from another world and are the guardians of the Crystal of Truth. The Crystal harnesses the forces of nature, especially the light of the three suns, for the benefit of all on Thra.

One thousand years ago, during the Great Conjunction of the three suns, the urSkeks cracked the Crystal of Truth, and split into two races; the hunchbacked, gentle beings known as urRu or "Mystics" and the vulture-like tyrants known as Skeksis. In that moment the Crystal became the Dark Crystal. The Skeksis drove the urRu from the castle where the cracked crystal resided, then instituted a reign of terror over their world. Their wrath was particularly directed toward the elf-like Gelflings, due to a prophecy that promised the restoration of the crystal and the end of the Skeksis' power. The prophecy, rediscovered in an ancient Gelfling city, read:

“ When single shines the triple sun,
What was sundered and undone
Shall be whole, the two made one,
By Gelfling hand, or else by none. ”

Jen believes he is the last of the Gelflings. After his parents were killed by the crustacean-like "Garthim" (soldiers conjured by the Skeksis), he was raised in a lush valley in which the urRu reside. When Jen's master urSu is on his deathbed, he calls Jen to his side and reveals that his destiny is to "heal" the crystal by finding the shard, which may be found at Aughra's observatory. As this occurred, urSu's Skeksis counterpart, the emperor SkekSo, dies as well, resulting in a confrontation between the Chamberlain SkekSil and the General SkekUng. Deciding to settle this with the "trial by stone". SkekUng becomes emperor and SkekSil is exhiled from palace in rags. Moments later, the Skeksis are quickly made aware of Jen's existence.

Jen reaches Aughra, a wisewoman character of unknown species, and discovers the needed crystal shard, which is hidden among others like it, by playing music on his flute, to which it resonates. In the process, Jen learns of the upcoming Great Conjunction by means of Aughra's orrery-assisted predictions, but learns little of its connection to the shard before the Garthim arrive and destroy Aughra's observatory, capturing Aughra but failing to capture Jen. Jen spends the night in a swamp, while Aughra is taken to the castle of the crystal, where she indignantly rebukes and mocks the Skeksis, scoffing at their blustery claims of power and promising Jen's arrival to destroy them. Meahwhile, the urRu urIm, hearing the calls of the Crystal, gathers his kind so that they can begin their trek back to the castle.

The next day, Jen awakens in marshes, where he is frightened by a doglike pet known as Fizzgig and meets another Gelfling, Kira, whose existence he never suspected. They stay for a night amongst the Podlings who raised Kira after the death of her parents, only to be ambushed by the Garthim. Kira, Jen, and Fizzgig escape the attack, but many Podlings are captured by the Garthim and taken as slaves. In frustration and despair, feeling responsible for the Garthim raid, Jen discards the crystal shard. Kira reassures him that he had nothing to do with the attack; "It wasn't your fault... the Garthim have always come ".

In the morning, as they awaken, they discover one of the houses of the old Gelfling City, where Jen reads the prophecy of the Crystal and Kira recovers the shard, learning that it is part of the Dark Crystal and must be reinserted to restore integrity. Jen and Kira are then confronted by the disgraced SkekSil, who attempts to trick them in believing he would help them, but they refuse and escape him. Riding on furry, long-legged Landstriders, the Gelflings quickly arrive at the castle of the crystal, just in time to see the Garthim that attacked Kira's village. Kira, followed by Jen, ride to attack the Garthim and try to free the captured Podlings while the Landstriders fight the Garthim to distract them from the rescue effort.

The Gelflings fail to rescue the Podlings and find the Garthim, who have slain the Landstriders, closing in on them at the edge of the deep, rocky moat that encircles the castle. Sweeping Jen and Fizzgig into her arms, Kira jumps off the cliff, revealing that female Gelflings have wings. At the bottom of the gully, Jen and Kira enter the castle via the Teeth of the Skreesh, an undefended sewer entrance to the lower parts of the castle. SkekSil meets them again and attempts to convince them to offer peace to the Skeksis. As Jen and Kira attempt to escape, SkekSil seizes Kira. Fearing for Kira's safety, Jen strikes SkekSil, using the crystal shard as a dagger and wounding SkekSil's arm. Concurrently, the urRu chanter urSol suffers a spontaneous wound on his arm in the corresponding location. Enraged, SkekSil forces Jen into a wall, inciting a cave-in. SkekSil then takes Kira prisoner, believing Jen to be dead.

For capturing Kira, SkekSil is restored to his position as Chamberlain. On the suggestion of the scientist, SkekTek, SkekUng decides to regain his youth by draining Kira's life essence, recalling that the potency thereof allows a Skeksis emperor to maintain his youth for longer periods than did that of the Podlings on whom SkekTek was forced to rely since the Gelfing genocide. Only a few drops of the "everlasting essence" are drawn from Kira before she, urged by the captured Aughra, calls out to the animals imprisoned in the laboratory, who break free and attack SkekTek. SkekTek falls into a volcanic pit to its death, resulting in the urRu Alchemist urTil's disintegration into flames. Kira escapes as her bond with Jen gives him the strength to escape the cave-in, but he is separated from Fizzgig during a confrontation with the Garthim. Aughra manages to escape her prison while urRu enter the castle.

While the two Gelfings meet back up at the central interior chamber where the crystal is housed just as the three suns begin to align, the Skeksis arrive to prepare for the immortality that they will gain from the Conjunction if the Crystal is not restored. Jen leaps onto the Crystal, but the shard falls from his hands; Kira grabs it, but is surrounded by the Skeksis. Leaving herself open, she throws the shard to Jen as the Ritual Master SkekZok kills her. Once the Conjunction begins, an enraged Jen places the shard in its appropriate place, unifying the crystal as the urRu arrive. When the Garthim shatter and the Skeksis' influence on the castle crumbles, the urRu and Skeksis reunite into their original urSkek incarnations. The urSkek leader, UngIm, speaks to Jen of their history, communicating directly with the consciousness via mystical sign language. UngIm restores Kira to life, then with his brethren departs the current plane of existence, leaving the Crystal and an injunction to "make [the] world in its light" to the Gelflings. Outside, the devastated world has been instantly restored to its former beauty and harmony.

To be continued.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wedensday ramblings

Well my computer is messed up at home, which is preventing me from updating this blog on semi-daily basis. I'm writing this from work before I hit the gym to do some fricking squats. I'm glad I getting back in the gym because I think it really does help in improving your moods and outlook on things.


I swear I started this day on a really positive note or something. I worked out on Monday and Tuesday and I just felt great today. It could have had something to do with the fact I went out last night too, that's to dance a little, but I really think its in re guards to working out. I was ill this last weekend and I couldn't really workout, so I making up for it a little bit.

This last weekend, I was afraid to venture out on Friday and Saturday because I was toxic sick. I thought I would just irritate my situation or get other people deathly ill, so I decided to quarantine myself.


I missed two co-worker's birthdays on Saturday. I hadn't seen either one of them in a really long time and wish I could celebrated the joyous occasion but alas.

On Friday, I missed The Sounds, and I wish I could have saw the Twelves on Saturday. I had a ticket to the Twelves too, but I decided to give it to a friend who I thought would enjoy the show. I talked to a couple of people last night which said it was a really good show, and that the after party at the Music Gym was fricking insane, even more insane then the after party for Flosstradamus, which in my eyes is just ridiculous. I figure the Twelves will be back for SXSW, so I'm not sweating it about missing the show.

Anyways, it was a change of pace and it was good to stay in and just relax. I' m feeling a little random, so I'll change things up on the blog as well. I going tell you a story...


Once upon a time there was this sailboat insurance agent named Lucky Diamond Rich who drew pictures. His dreams are filled with extraterestial landscapes and morning wood(petrified that is). The fragility of life and dreams is contemplated while listing to trip hop and watching the sun drop out of the sky. "Life is but a dream" is Megalithic Rich's mantra. Rabbits self portraits, Mesoamerican pyramids, and insanity are history's southern comfort. Do you know the loneliness of the long distance runner? Its elementary really. Rerun Rich is left with no other choice but to hitch hike through parallel worlds, in which he is product of, to find evolution...to be continued.

I wrote that story for a friend, and as I continue with it, I'll post the add ons.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Word of Mouth Weekend

The Sounds are from Sweden and will be playing at La Zona Rosa Friday Dec 12th. I'm not familiar with the band, but I got a free ticket from the Flosstradamus show hosted by Camel cigerattes two weekends ago. Since I have a ticket, I'll be attending the show. I probable wouldn't be going if it wasn't for the free ticket. Bleachonline and Tiffany from Austin is Burning seem to like the idea of this show, and the flyer indicates something about fashion, so it should be a fun Friday night.

This is a another band I'm not extremely familiar with, but once again, I have faith in certain aquaintances and friends ie Fernando, Scott, Sandy, and Miguel which all indicate this will be great show. I heard their NYC show sold out and that the Houston gig was phenominal. Its their 1st apperence in Austin Texas, and based on what I've seen on their Myspace page, I'm sure they'll be back for SXSW. The offical Twelves afterparty is at the Music Gym with Richard.Gear, Doneski, and Mr. Fatastico spinning!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend Rewind

So on Friday I went to see Zombie Disco Squad(ZDS)at Black and Tan. It was five dollars to see Culnsweet(a Dj slash art collective based out of Austin and Monterrey Mexico) and this Dj duo from the UK ZDS.


A couple of days before this shindig, I went to the ZDS myspace pg and noticed that they had nothing about touring in the States nor Austin TX for that matter. I messaged them, and they actually responded. Their email said their set had been canceled, and then right after that, I got a second conflicting email indicating it was still on. So I was confused and I didn't think they were going to show. So I just went anyway to have fun and dance with Culnsweet. At Black and Tan, I talked to Miguel who confirmed that only half of ZDS couldn't make it, and since it was only one of the guys, it wasn't an "official" show. Even though it wasn't offical, it so rocked, the music was just so bad ass. I haven't dance this much since The Disco Villains a couple of weeks back. It seems here lately when I go out, I just drink my self to oblivion and forget to dance. Thats what happened on Thursday. I woke up with the most god awful hangover, and this caused me to tone it down for the rest of the weekend.

So after ZDS, there was an afterparty at Music Gym which kept the dance party going til 4am in the morning for me.


The Music Gym was doing something the entire night though. They had an old high school bud of mine by the name Neiliyo play before all the deejays took over. I checked out part of his set at the Music Gym, and he is crazy fun. I think him and Best Fwends should play a show together. Check out this random video I came across by Neiliyo:

Saturday night was a little bit more laid back then Friday and Thursday. I went to this GoGear event in which Markus with a k, Zeale32(or just Zeale), and Hollywood Holt took the stage at Light Bar. I've never been to the Light Bar, and I'll probable never go back because I just like the Red River Disct. The venue wasn't that bad, and it had a rooftop part where they had the show going on. The crowd size fluctuated between medium and small or intimate. Markus with a k was probably spinning before I got there. I didn't get to really catch his set though. Markus and Zeale collaborated for the night and it was a pretty tight set. Zeale is a really awesome local hip hop MC with some pretty sweet music to groove to. Hollywood Holt was insane and a character. He was high energy, and he was dancing and jumping around. He even did push ups or tried to fuck the dance floor. It was great and he made it all worth it. Look for him at SXSW'09. Hollywood's Dj was Dj Skylar. He threw down on the ones and twos to kill the night. At first he was spinning some music I wasn't into, but then he started throwing down some of the electro that I love so much. For your viewing pleasure here is two Hollywood Holt videos:

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Nite Full of Opening Bands

Well, my Thanksgiving was very good. I spent time with the immediate family with out any complications. I was even able to see a couple of friends and bumped into an old high school friend while I was out and about.

This weekend there is really nothing going on show wise that I'm just dying to write about, but just hit the Red River district for a drink or two. This leads me to what show I'll be checking out at Emo's on December 2nd. Deerhunter will be playing live on the outside stage at Emo's. There is a lot of hype around their new album. I read some where that it was a masterpiece. I personally haven't really heard it nor any of there older material, but I think this going to be a really good show. I remember seeing that Deerhunter opened up for NIN. It was kinda strange, but NIN had a wide array of different opening acts like Does This Offend You, Yeah!, Crystal Castles, Ghostland Observatory. I really don't know if most NIN fans really dug all these different acts, but I would have.

Opening up for Deerhunter is Times New Viking and Nite Jewel. Nite Jewel opened up for Glass Candy this last October, so when I saw she was coming through Austin, it really struck my interest in this show. I'll let the music speak for itself with these two videos. One is from Deerhunter and the other from Nite Jewel. By the way, Times New Viking will be playing at Sound on Sound records during the day at 5pm. I think its free too.

Deerhunter - "Strange Lights":

Nite Jewel - "Artificial Intelligence":

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Prayer

I'm going to Victoria Texas today to visit friends and family for the holiday. I have a three day mini-vacation to get away from work and Austin. Getting away from work is a good thing, but leaving Austin isn't. There is really nothing fun to do in Victoria like there is in Austin, but I'm going for family and I won't worry about Victoria being boring(I'll make my own fun). Hopefully my grandmother makes some goodies to eat, so I can't wait to stuff my face.

I was watching this History channel Thanksgiving special about the turkey, and how different a turkey raised in farms, to meet consumers demands, is from a wild turkey. The farm raised turkey weighs 50% more then a wild bird due to the vitamins, proteins, and who knows whatever else they feed it to get them that big. The farm raised bird looses a lot of its eye site and the ability to fly. The special showed the turkey's life in a chronologically order from its birth, until its death when its slaughtered. There something that so mechanical and eerie about how animals are systematically slaughtered to meet the supermarket needs. I'm really on the verge of going vegan for ethical reasons. i digress.

My friend David Felts from Victoria sent me a link to this video, Thanksgiving Prayer by William S. Burroughs:

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Nite Lights

Ol'school reggae yo! Sister Nancy at da motha fucking Scoot Inn/end....EAST side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! represent :P

The video sound is kinda of loud, I apologize in advance :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Friday Nite Lights


Gang Gang Dance will be in Austin Nov 21st. Its an experimental electronic band from Brooklyn NY. Their music is very interesting and its a super sonic riot. What I get from it when I just browsed their playlist, is soft textured sounds or chaotic noise which morphs with dancey beats. Rainbow^Arabia is one of the opening bands which have a similar experimental sound but with an Middle Eastern influences. I think the cover is only $8 dollars for two great bands, and its an awesome way to start your Friday night off. Check'em out.

After the show at Mohawk, I plan on going to Black and Tan to see Flosstradamus; that is if its not at capacity. This is a free show, so you can't go wrong with this. I saw Flosstradamus in July this year, and I had a blast. The show is free because its being thrown by Camel cigarettes, but you still need some sort of voucher slash ticket. I have a couple extras, so if you need one hit me up on Myspace. The door guys may not be Nazis about the ticket voucher thing at the door, so if you don't get one, I would still try and go up there and see if you can get in without one.

Monday, November 17, 2008


The EAST Austin studio tour is a two day shindig which happens on Saturday November 22nd and Sunday November 23rd. Its massive with over 200 plus artist and 150 different art spaces partaking in the affair. Its a little overwhelming with all the different places to hit up on the Eastside, but I'm sure I'll come across some cool art and artist. Glasstire should have some more information on it this week too.

Heres a flyer and link:

To inspire you so that you'll take some intiative and actually participate in the tour, I've posted pictures of a couple of local artist making some interesting things. I dont know if they'll have any pieces up around town, but I'm sure there is going to be something for everyone.


By William Hundley


By Elaine Bradford

First post and Fun Fun Music Festival

I doubt anybody will reads this, but if you do, I apologize in advance for any writing errors or not keeping up with this blog. I'm also computer illiterate. This is all new for me, and I'll be experimenting with this blog. Here we go, here a short post:

Toxic Avenger's and Franki Chan's set was so much fun at the Fun Fun Fun Music Festival! Read iheart comix's blog about their day stay in ATX. Reminisce in bliss or go next year to the fff fest, sell a dam kidney if you have to.