Monday, September 6, 2010

Three's Company


Towards the end of June and beginning of July I saw three shows in a three week time frame. Three shows in three weeks is kinda of overdoing it, so I had to take step back from going out because I wasn't sticking to my two show a month rule. The shows are all worthy of mentioning and were good, bad(ass), and ugly(see below). All the acts were electronic outfits with the band HEALTH, a deejay named Boys Noize, and a solo artist singer slash producer named Baths.

The Good: Health at Red7 Austin Tx June 26th


HEALTH played with four opening acts which were Indian Jewelry(Houston TX), Golden Panda(Unitied Kingdom), Daniel Francis Doyle(Austin TX), and an unknown act from (San Antonio TX). You can't beat seeing five bands for ten dollars. Especially when a couple of the acts are stiring up things in my music blog world of XLR8R and RCRD LBL . I was pretty siked to see HEALTH because I haven't seen them in almost two years since South by Southwest 2008(SXSW). I first came across them when I wanted to know the source of the Crystal Castles remix of Crimewave, a HEALTH song. I was so anamorued by the music that I became an immeadiate fan boy. I also wanted to see what Indian Jewelry and Gold Panda were all about.

-Gold Panda at Red7:

Gold Panda hails from Essex, United Kingdom. During a bit of small talk with the crowd, he mentioned that this was the first time traveling or visiting the States. I'm sure he was having a blast and loving it touring with Health. I was just checking out some other info that jogged my memory about why I was so interested in seeing him. His RCRD LBL profile/bio mentioned him releasing the "You" EP on the label Ghostly. This is what really caught my eye because I have loved Ghostly and Matthew Dear for the longest. So I really wanted to check him out. He played a dance and bass heavy set. I thought he was going to blow the speakers with the deng bass. It was good selections of tracks. Some of it turned me off due to a dub stepish or drum in bass sound, but some of his set had me noding my head quite heavy and heavenly. Gold Panda will be also opening up for Autolux at Emo's in the this month. His set was not bad, but not was good.

-Indian Jewelry at Red7:

Indian Jewelry, I get the feeling, were a SXSW '10 buzz band that I didn't know to much about except that they're from Houston Tx. I like that the fact they were from Houston because there is nothing wrong with supporting some local music. When I looked at their myspace profile, I recognized that on their top friends were bands I was some what familiar with. In paticular, the band Twisted Wires. I just thought it was conicdence because both were Houston bands, but there was a little more to the story which I'll get to in a second(I'm long winded).

I came across Twisted Wires because they had released some music on the label Italians Do it Better(Nu-Disco). I love Italians Do it Better because Glass Candy and the Chromatics are on the label. Johnny Jewel of said bands is also from Houston Tx, and I get the impression he plays an influential part in the label's artists selections and with some of the label's music production. There was one or two artist from Texas that have released material on Italians before, so it wasn't a shock to see Twisted Wires releasing some material on the label. The reason why I'm focusing on Twisted Wires a little here is because members of the band Indian Jewelry are also in Twisted Wires.

It's not unsual for members of one band to have either a side project or second band their in. I just didn't realise it this was the case between Twisted Wires and Indian Jewelry til the HEALTH show. The two leggy females, Erika Thrasher and Mary Sharpe, on keys and drums and the male guitarist in Indian Jewelry are also in Twisted Wires. I had seen Twisted Wires previously during a performance at the last SXSW, and that's how I made the connection. I wasn't impressed with the Twisted Wires's SX set. I found it to be too noisey and droney, so a feeling of dread and low expectations floated around in my head as Indian Jewelry setup on stage.

There are similarities between the two bands and the music, the members share dual band duties such as switching between guitar, drums, and vocals. There's also alot of distorition and use of keys in both. This recipe for what seemed would be disaster, as it was the case with Twisted Wires's music, is actually successfully employed in Indian Jewelry's music.

There's something different and enjoyable about Indian Jewelry that I liked. The song's structures are more cohesive and stronger in harmony then with Twisted Wires's music. With a different lead singer in Indian Jewelry, the bands chemistry works and feels more natural. I may be incorrect in this description, but to me, both bands have a pyschaelic, shoegazy, and industrial vibe. At times during the show, my feet would hurt from standing in one place for to long, and I might even have been a little bored with a song or two they where playing, but then they would pull me back in with a different dark harmony or riff which would light up my ears and refocus my attention on their solid performance. They used a strobe light to add a disorinating touch that hypnotized the crowd and myself. I think they found the right musical vessle for their creative energies, and they show alot of potentional.

HEALTH at Red 7:

HEALTH is band from Los Angels CA. This would techniquely be the fourth time I've seen them live, kinda. I saw them three other times before; twice at SX and once at Emo's back in 2008. At the Emo's show, I only got to see two or three songs as I was late for the show. Besides having new material, which I'm not familiar with, the crowd seemed somewhat different too. I remembered some of the crowd from their SX shows as appearing to be particpating in some sort of Napoleon Dynamite dressup contest, but not this Red7 crowd, or least the part of the crowd I was surrounded by. By the time the Indian Jewelry started, there was a pretty good sized gathering that had formed. I noticed as I watched the opening acts, that I was slowly being surrounded by a crowd of girls who were very small, thin, and young. I wondered to my self, "had Health reached boy band status?"


Anorexic or bulemic preteens is not what I expect at a HEALTH show because the material is pretty heavy and experimental sounding. These girls should've been saving their money for a Passion Pit or a Mates of State's concert instead. Anyways, some of the youngins redemed themselves from my first weak impression, but most didn't. This was just one part of a fairly good sized crowd though, and I was happy to see at stage left in the front row, the crowd was actually really getting into the music and moving around. At previous HEALTH shows I've noticed people just nodding their heads, or people doing absolutely nothing and just stand there like trees. I did they same "tree" shit though in the past and present too. It's hard to follow the music because it has unconventional arrangements and unusal break downs. This is just a winey excuse, and I just need to listen to more of their music so I'm spazzing out like a maniac at the right moments.

Something else that bothered me a little about the show, besides a small demographic of the crowd, was the live performance. It seems like they have a pretty choroegraphed stage show going. As expample, the way the HEALTH plays Tabloid Sores(which is an amazing aggressive song by the way) always ends with John Famigliett(the guy with long black hair) in a super villian stance while he stums the distorted awesome sounding bass effortless and carelessly. They also ended their set with an encore in a very funny way. Alot of bands will play like three more songs or something, but not Health. They get back on stage for their encore and make really loud noise with their insturments for 30 seconds and leave again abruptly. It's classic and really hilarious.

I like these little things done on stage, but like I said, it's choregrphed. If it's choreographed like this, then there's other stuff I'm not picking up on that may be as well. The live show has a improvisional quality in the music and with the band members spazzing out on stage. It's been two years and new album is out, so I think they could do something a little different with their stage shows to keep it fresh or just don't tour so much to prevent burnout of not only the band but the fans. I have recommendation for Health. Their last video had a lot of blood in it. So, I think a little GWARish theatrics could be used with the incorperation of some fake blood, or like how Insane Clown Posse(ICP) soaks the crowd with Faygo to get their fans all hot and bothered.

My point I'm trying to make with these cristisms, is that I just want to see more crowd and band interaction and a little more mix up on the live performance. But no matter how bothered I was by the prebutesent teens or the chorographed actions of the band, their music is just so primal, raw, and enjoyable.

The show for me was like watching an amazingly beautiful women slowly undress, or watching a shark feeding freenzy on Discovery Channel. My eyes just lit up with excitment with the opening song. I just wanted to see the band beat the shit out of stuff and make noise. They had all kinds of pedals for their guitars to distort and tweak the monster sounds being produced. The drummer, Benjamin Jared Miller, is an amazing man. The band looked to be the same lineup with no changes, which is good. I like it when people come together to make art and stay together to continue colaborating on their audiable masterpieces.

The Bad(ass!), Boys Noize at STERO Live Houston Tx July 3rd, 2010:


Houston called me again like a beautiful siren to it's humid swamp of concrete for a show. At this time I have no car, which is a whole blog post topic of it's own, so I caught a ride with a friend and party buddy Jen L. I drove the the whole way and I forced her to listen to LCD Soundsystem's new album. We got to Houston and met up with another friend, Ivan. He had a thing for showing me places where people tend to get stabbed and go for Tejano afterparties, and also where prostiutes and massage parlors where. I didn't request any of this information but he seemed mighty obliged to show me anyways. After Ivan was done showing me this shady side of Houston, we headed to the club off Richmond Ave called STEREO Live where Boys Noize was to spin.

I had been here in the Summer of 2008 to see Richie Hawtin and had a good time. The club looked to be the same but it just had different name. Ivan complained that this place was infamous for charging an arm and a leg for drinks. I could concur with Ivan's warnings about this place being expensive because I remeber buying my Richie Hawtin ticket for the cost in between ten and fifthteen dollars, and I remember over hearing how someone had paid double or more at the door.

We got inside the venue around 12am, and there was woman deejaying whom I'm assuming goes by the name Girrrl Parts. We checked out a little a bit her set and wandered around looking for other fellow Austinites. We did this for about a second when all of a sudden Boys Noize appeared on stage. So instead looking for people from Austin, we headed back into the crowd. STEREO Live is a medium sized place and can proably hold up to 2,000 people. This place wasn't packed and we had easy access to the front of the dance floor. There wasn't a large crowd, but it was a rowdy crowd. I've never seen a Houston crowd this testosterone fueled and hyped. When people where dancing in dance circles, the crowd surrounding them where chanting like they were at a futbol match. I think the World Cup fever was rubbing off or something.


Speaking of the World Cup, at the time, I was thinking it was very important that Germany win against Argentina in the World Cup game which was played earlier in the day. I figured a happy German, aka Boys Noize, would be a happy German deejay. Germany did win, but I have no idea if that had an impact on his set. All I do know is, I couldn't stop jumping up and down like a mad man, and neither could Jen. She was a mad woman! The crowd was totally into the show. Everyone around us was dancing and having a great time remember how I made a comment about the crowd being testosterone fueled.

Well, a fight broke out three songs into Boys Noize set. It ended after a couple of blows and one of the guys backed down and left the front. I had never gone to a dance party and seen this. I had heard about people loosing there cool and fighting, but usually people just dance and don't fight at the parties I go to. For Heaven's sake, have a dance off or something. It's a solid non-volent way to solve problems on the dancefloor. If one person is a better dancer, the other loses and that's that. If you need some dance off pointers or some new moves, here is a recommendation and examples:

Well the fists of fury didn't stop after the first fight. There was another uncoordinated monkey on the dance floor, and this guy was one of those types that had short term memory loss. He forget that there were other people in the room besides him when he was bouncing around. He must have been on Angel dust and thought he could fly the way he was jumping up and down. Of course when gravity took hold of him in mid air, his flailing appendages seemed to fall upon everyone around him and slapped people in the heads with his elbows and wrists. Not cool. I saw him get into two altercations with two different people. I stayed clear of this skitzo. He eventionally did get kicked out of the show because his shenagians didn't stop with thinking he could fly. He ended getting up on the main stage and started danceing around like he was in South Padre during spring break. He pushed one of the security guards into the crowd, so the other security guards dog piled the drunk monkey and escorted him out the club. I digress from the crowd and their antics.

Boys Noize set was a cool punch drunk fun set. He played his My Moon My Man remix which I didn't think he would spin. I wish he would've spun Shine Shine. It's one of my favorite tracks. Fun filled night to say the least, and I have little bit different out look on Houston's dance's a little ruff.

I found some photos of the night...Check it HERE

The Ugle: Baths at Club de Ville July 9th, 2010


Sike! There was nothing ugle about Baths' set. It was actually the exact opposite. I'm gonna keep this review short and simple because the whole thing is so overdue and almost pointless in posting but I gotta. Baths is a puggy guy with glasses from Cali. His music is pretty simple and strikes a chord with his expressive heart felt singing. The end.

-Baths plays and opens up tonight September 6 2010 at Mohawk with El Ten Eleven.
-Gold Panda plays and opens up Friday September 9 2010 at Emo's Autolux.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

LCD Soundsystem recap and pictures


A couple of days have pasted and the show is well done and over with. LCD Soundsystem is in route for Europe to tour the festivals overseas. The show was great! It will easily be at the top as one of the best shows this year for me. My favorite moments where when they played All My Friends and Someone Great. I was either in awe, dancing, or jumping up and down to the beat. I was drenched from my head to my shins in sweat after the show had ended. It was almost like I took a shower with my cloths on. Speaking of showers, it rained only once. I was pretty close to the stage, so the oval shaped canopy covered me from the one shower we got before the show even started.

The crowd was a mix. There where even some pre-teens, literally, they had to be between the ages of 10 and 13 yrs old. There where the usual college kids and people my age or older with grey hair. So it was a definite mixed crowd. There was a group of 4( 2 couples) next to me who where having a real hard time dealing with some rowdy college kids behind us. I usually just ignore someone who is bumping and dancing aggressively into me. I feel that's what happens when you are in the front at concerts. In the front row you will be pushed and bumped into, and you will get beer spilled on you along with smoke blown in your general vicinity. If you don't like it, go ahead and voice your position, but if there is no resolution to your personal conundrum, leave or move. That's how I see it. I usually will push back or just try to out dance someone...I'll just shrugged it off and I don't let it stop me from enjoying myself and the music. All I can say is, I had a smile 80% of time at the show.

This is Happening Tour 2010 set list:

-Us v Them
-Drunk Girls
-Yr City's A Sucker
-Pow Pow
-Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
-All My Friends
-I Can Change

-Someone Great
-Losing My Edge
-New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down
-Empire State of Mind (Jay-Z cover)

As you can see they played alot of songs from all their albums...


I wish they would have played from the new album:
-All I Want
-One Touch
-Dance Yourself Clean
-You Wanted A Hit

Have a listen to the new album. I'm not sure how long LCD Soundsystem will keep it up and available to stream/listen for free, but check it out:

Looking at the set lists you'll see three songs from the new album that where played on this tour...Drunk Girls, Pow Pow, and I Can Change. Unfortunately Drunk Girls made the list, but I like the other two songs from the album called Pow Pow and I Can Change. Pow Pow has a Talking Heads sound with a spoken word lyrics and playful sounds. I Can Change is an amazing song and it was great to see the band play it live. It has a beautiful electronic sound and a nice catchy chorus. I Can Change makes up for Drunk Girls for sure. I also forgot to write on the last blog post that I also didn't like the song Daft Punk is Playing at My House...I kinda like it, but I did cringed when I heard it started to be played. The crowd was really into it, but I would have rather Get Innocuous be played in its place. I read somewhere someone else was also unhappy that LCD Soundsystem didn't play Get Innocuous. O'well, you gotta compromise sometimes and go along with the masses.

Pictures of LCD Soundsystem from the show via my iphone:


A side note about the show is the opening act, Holy Ghost!...Now I've seen Holy Ghost! twice, and I wasn't expecting much except a pretty good deejay set to get me in the mood to dance. I was wrong. I had been hearing songs on blogs by Holy Ghost! that where really rocking like Say My Name, but it was a full band, not just two DJs. There set was really good. I can't wait to see more of them. They will be touring again or opening up for Chromeo at STUBB'S in August or something. Really shocking and rocking set by em. Here's a pic for proof it's just not DJs:


After the show, the party switched venues to Beauty Bar two blocks over on 7th street and Red River.


I was a sweaty mess so I wanted to go home to change into some dry threads to keep up with the kids. As I flew by Beauty Bar on my shitty bicycle, Donut( kinda like a donut tire on a car), I notice there was a horded line to get in to the after party. I figured two things, it would sellout and I wouldn't get in; or by the time it took me to get changed( so fresh , so clean), there wouldn't be a line and I'd get in. Well, I got in without a wait. I somehow was able to muster up the energy to continue dancing. For heaven sake, I danced on the same dance floor as Mr Murphy himself as Juan Maclean deejayed. Great way to end the night.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This is Happening or Has Already Happend


Austin Texas, Tuesday June 8, 2010 6hour weather forcast:

Scattered showers and thunderstorms developing around late afternoon. Mostly cloudy with temperatures steady or falling to near 81F. Winds SSE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

LCD Soundsystem at STUBB'S June 8 2010:



Get the picture. James Murphy singing in the rain and me dancing in the rain.

So Tuesday will be a great day as LCD Soundsystem graces Austin with an appearance at STUBB'S. If you miss them, they will also be at Austin City Limits(ACL'09) 2009 as well. I got a three day pass to ACL this Year, so I'll probably see again too. I could have saved my money and just passed to see them at ACL, but I didn't want to take the chance. I figured it would be cooler to see'em at a small venue vs at a large music fest. Tonight, everybody will be at STUBB'S for one reason and one reason only, to spazz and rock out to some great music.

I missed LCD at South By Southwest(SXSW'05) 2005 due to an outrageous line and wait. I probably could've seen them sometime prior 'O5 and between '07, but I wasn't on top of it back then, and I can't say I'm really on top of it now. I finally got to see LCD Soundsystem at ACL'07, and I saw them over M.I.A which was kind of a hard choice at the time. I def would do it again. At ACL, I just really fell in love with James Murphy and the music. There's a couple of songs I despise like North American Scum and Drunk Girls. It's not that I don't like lyrics or the message, I just don't like the beats. It can not be said James can do no wrong, but for the most part I can dig his groove. The missed opportunities of the past will not repeat themselves.

Speaking of missed opportunities, when I was cleaning my apartment recently, I came across some CDs that brought to mind the year 1997. Every year has its highlights and let downs, but I have a fond recollection of 1997 and it was an important year in molding my musical taste. The CD that was collecting dust was The Prodigy, The Fat of the Land.

(I HATED the song Firestarter when it aired on MTV)

In Victoria Texas there is nothing to do but drug and drive, and around 1997, Prodigy was stuck on repeat in my car. I was so shocked when MTV played Smack My Bitch Up on TV because of all the nudity and drug use. It was an immediate classic in my book, and Smack My Bitch Up was rocked all day and I partied all night to it. This was also the year I went to Lollapalooza and saw Prodigy unintentionally too.

At the time it was rumored that this would be the last Lollapalooza, but since then it has had a revival of the sorts in 2003. At Lollapalooza '97, I was so stoned the entire time. I can't remember much, but I was in my anti Hip Hop stage, so I protested Snoop Dog and his onstage weed smoking shenanigans as I waited for Tool. I almost protested Prodigy too because before this I wasn't very fond of them or dance music and rave culture in general. This is stupid that MTV would even have a news segment on this but they did; I remember seeing something on MTV news about what Prodigy fans do at a Prodigy concert. Well via MTV news, Prodigy fans jump up and down to the beat. That's it, they just jump up and down. I was stoned and pretty close to the front because TOOL had just finished, so I just stayed put for Prodigy to close out Lollapalooza. I don't know if it was the marijuana or all the aerobic jumping up and down I did, but I thoroughly enjoyed Prodigy's set. I remember drawn in when they played Poison, and you know I went crazy with Smack My Bitch Up. I was sold.

Dance or Electronic music blended by Rock music is what led me to crossover from my '90s alternative rock roots to electronic produced music. At that time('97), I was a hardcore listener of industrial music and I loved the electronic sounds of it. I just didn't like dance music at first, and I didn't see the potential. Skinny Puppy was God to me back in the day. In '97, there was another band which caught my attention that had a semi industrial sound but more of drum and bass beat that hooked me, hook line and sinker. It was Atari Teenage Riot(ATR).


This was the big missed opportunity in 1997. When I saw an ATR MTV music video, I was completely blown away. I loved their compilation album Burn, Berlin, Burn!... Destroy 2,000 Years of Culture and Speed are amazing tracks on the album.

That same year, I heard about a Rage Against the Machines concert. Normally I would be down and would go to a show like that. I wasn't the biggest fan of Rage, but I liked them. I heard they where touring but I decided to pass on it because I was not impressed with the opening act Wu Tang Clan. Don't get all hostile Hip Hop heads, at the time, I just had no interest in Hip Hop. After the Rage show had came through Texas though, I over heard there was another opening act for the Rage show that I didn't hear about before. ATR was that very act. I was so upset that I missed out on seeing an aggressive act like Rage live with ATR. To add to that misery, ATR broke up a couple years later after the death of one it's members, Carl Crack. ATR have recently regrouped with two of the four original members. Alex Empire of ATR still brings that raw heavy sound, but it's just so sad to know that their was moment back 1997 that can not be recreated or repeated identically, and I missed it...c'est la vie

80's Ninja post still coming soon to a blog near you. The next time where going to the movies, and where going back in time again. This time, the year is 10 years earlier, 1987.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Tejano Triangle


I could be wrong on this one, but this month has been full of extremely rare performances which are usually not seen in Austin or Texas unless it's associated with South by Southwest. I'm not saying they where all epic, which they where not, but they where fun shows that will probably not happen again or for quite some time...

-04/16/2010 Erol Alkan at Republic in Austin TX

-04/21/2010Yann Tiersen at Mohawk in Austin TX

-04/23/2010 Moullinex and Xinobi at Mink in Houston TX

Moullinex & Xinobi, and my weekend recap:
This last weekend gave way to the last of this month's rare performances which took place in Houston Texas. Both deejays, Moullinex( from Germany) and Xinobi( from Portugal), are briefly touring North America together...


Both artist are on or are associated with the label based out of Portugal called DISCOTEXAS. The irony and unusual association of the label's name cracks me up. I don't think of Texas when I think of Disco, and vice versa. Europeans and their ideas about Texas. It's the funniest, case in point below...


I discovered Moullinex and Xinobi via the Valerie and FRΞNCH ΞXPRΞSS( FΞ is partial based in Dallas Texas) blogs. I was so shocked and excited to find out about the Houston shindig. This whirlwind of emotions allowed me to justify a road-trip which it was truly worthy of. Xinobi was my favorite through out the night, and his track selections where more minimal sounding. The deejays did a tag team set for two hours from 12am to 2am in which they played a mixture of electro, house, disco, and minimal synthy pop stuff. I was pretty drenched in sweat, which is a positive sign that I was dancing and having a good time. Lots of others too where having fun, lots of smiling faces. I didn't see any standout dancers on the dance floor though. I remember just seeing a girl doing a really bad pop-&-lock robot seizure dance, kinda of interesting( in a "is she for real" kinda of way) to watch when your cooling off. The crowd fluctuated in size through out the night. On the club Mink where the event had taken place, I had been there before with a friend on her birthday. It seems Mink has carved out a little nitch in the dance music scene in Houston, kinda like Boondocks on Westheimer in Houston. I like the Mink. It's small( in a good way) and easy to find, but it needs more fans or ACs. I really think all dance clubs are poorly cooled or ventilated. I heard there was an after party at a place called Greenhouse( sounds interesting), but I had to meet up with my cousin and call it a night.

I figured since I was in the area that I should also visit la familia in both Houston and Victoria Texas. The drive from Austin to Houston, then from Houston to Victoria, and finally from Victoria back to Austin is what I refer to as my own personal Bermuda Triangle( The Tejano Triangle).


I call it this because some how I have managed to live in Texas forever, and I can't seem to leave this place these days. I'm lost. My situation in Texas is like I'm underwater underneath the halo lit ice caps of Antarctica; my body is transfixed and suspended in the vastness of the muted blue, green, and white murky ocean. I'm conscious and able to dream and still breath underwater, but my limbs are unresponsive and numb, so I can't move and just sift through the Antarctic slushy. I think Texas has warped my senses long enough. I just continue chanting and praying "there's no place like home" and "the grass is greener on the flipside." It's time for a long overdue move out this state( of mind). I'll digress about my mid-life crisis or my over dramatic panic attack.

Roadkill and wildflowers hypnotized me while I was in pursuit of my mother's happiness; it was her birthday. When I arrived in the Victoria area with gifts, my mother told me stories that provided new insight into her and my own psyche. One was about how her father was a peeping tom( unconfirmed) and how he wanted my grandmother to participate. He also vandalized my grandmother's car and stalked her during their divorce. The other story was about how my mother went to see Star Wars in the theater in 1977 after it came out in May. I was born in October and probably conceived around February, so I technically experienced Star Wars when it first came out in the theater too. Anyways, for my mother's early bird bday bonanza, I bought her Starbucks treats and dinner at Red Lobster. My mum loves coconut shrimp and Frappachinos. I also bought her the movie Avatar as a birthday present because she never saw it when it was in the theater. Her current condition of being in a wheelchair prevented me from taking her. She was extremely excited about the movie, so I definitely was the favorite that day.

The weekend ended pretty well. It didn't go completely as planned but things panned out.

One more thing. I just have to say, look at these cool fliers for some of Moullinex and Xinobi other tour dates, there so cool...



This above Ninja flier is the coolest. 80's Ninja movies will be discussed thoroughly in detail in the next blog post. Til then, tootles

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Wow, I really need to update this blog. One whole year, oops. Damn and I'm lazy! Lots have happened since the last SXSW '09 post. A brief rundown of random life events for the last year:

-May '09: Moved into a house in East central Austin.
It was so close to the Red River night life and only a two minute drive to Downtown. It was so great while it lasted. A pretty funky mold problem in the house was the culprit that caused me to move. Side note- I missed'em in '07 but I finally saw Glass Candy live for the first time in May '09. It was tops.

-July '09: Jumped on the bandwagon and started using facebook more then Myspace. No one was on Myspace. What can I say, I held out as long as I could but I had no choice. I still use Myspace occasionally though. Everybody probably uses something else now other then facebook like Twitter, who knows.

-August '09: Went to see Blondie and Pat Benatar live in concert back to back. Blondie was definitely not as hawt as she was back in the day, but I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Pat Benatar really rocked it though! I wanna see Jon Jett next. I hear Billy Idol is touring this summer, so keep your eyes peeled.

-September '09: Traveled to Ecuador South America. I traveled to Quito, the Amazon Jungle, and four of the Galapagos twelve islands while on holiday. At one point during my 3 week trip, when I was in the jungle, I was covered in hundred of small leeches. I was so freaked out that I shaved my head and my gorgeous beard. It's a situation I will never forget. Sheer terror.
Above Pic is a picture of the Historic disct in Quito, Ecuador. Below is two Tortoise fighting on Floreana island in the Galapagos.

-October '09: Traveled through the Southwest from Austin to Marfa Tx, Big Bend Tx, and fianlly White Sands New Mexico. My round trip distance was the same distance as driving from the border of Texas and Mexico to the Border of the US and Canada. ABBA's Greatest Hits(stuck on repeat) was what got me through the 11 hour drives.
Both pics are of Donald Judd's, 15 untitled restored works in concrete, 1980-1984 in Marfa Tx, the main reason for the wild wild West trip.

-January '10: Moved to West central Austin.
I'm keeping it central cause that's the only way to live here in Central Texas. I now live close to Zilker Park where Austin City Limits music fest takes place. I'm definitely going all three days to take advantage of the prime location.

-March '10: South by Southwest music conference 2010. This year I just did nothing but free parties and shows. I saw Glass Candy, Gwar, Maria and the Diamonds, Neon Indian, and Dengue Fever to name a few. Missed a lot, saw a lot.
Jen with the lead singer of Gwar outside Fader Fort in Austin Tx for SXSW'10.

So there...the blog is updated and I will now( hopefully) update this thing a little more frequently.