Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wedensday ramblings

Well my computer is messed up at home, which is preventing me from updating this blog on semi-daily basis. I'm writing this from work before I hit the gym to do some fricking squats. I'm glad I getting back in the gym because I think it really does help in improving your moods and outlook on things.


I swear I started this day on a really positive note or something. I worked out on Monday and Tuesday and I just felt great today. It could have had something to do with the fact I went out last night too, that's to dance a little, but I really think its in re guards to working out. I was ill this last weekend and I couldn't really workout, so I making up for it a little bit.

This last weekend, I was afraid to venture out on Friday and Saturday because I was toxic sick. I thought I would just irritate my situation or get other people deathly ill, so I decided to quarantine myself.


I missed two co-worker's birthdays on Saturday. I hadn't seen either one of them in a really long time and wish I could celebrated the joyous occasion but alas.

On Friday, I missed The Sounds, and I wish I could have saw the Twelves on Saturday. I had a ticket to the Twelves too, but I decided to give it to a friend who I thought would enjoy the show. I talked to a couple of people last night which said it was a really good show, and that the after party at the Music Gym was fricking insane, even more insane then the after party for Flosstradamus, which in my eyes is just ridiculous. I figure the Twelves will be back for SXSW, so I'm not sweating it about missing the show.

Anyways, it was a change of pace and it was good to stay in and just relax. I' m feeling a little random, so I'll change things up on the blog as well. I going tell you a story...


Once upon a time there was this sailboat insurance agent named Lucky Diamond Rich who drew pictures. His dreams are filled with extraterestial landscapes and morning wood(petrified that is). The fragility of life and dreams is contemplated while listing to trip hop and watching the sun drop out of the sky. "Life is but a dream" is Megalithic Rich's mantra. Rabbits self portraits, Mesoamerican pyramids, and insanity are history's southern comfort. Do you know the loneliness of the long distance runner? Its elementary really. Rerun Rich is left with no other choice but to hitch hike through parallel worlds, in which he is product of, to find be continued.

I wrote that story for a friend, and as I continue with it, I'll post the add ons.

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