Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Word of Mouth Weekend

The Sounds are from Sweden and will be playing at La Zona Rosa Friday Dec 12th. I'm not familiar with the band, but I got a free ticket from the Flosstradamus show hosted by Camel cigerattes two weekends ago. Since I have a ticket, I'll be attending the show. I probable wouldn't be going if it wasn't for the free ticket. Bleachonline and Tiffany from Austin is Burning seem to like the idea of this show, and the flyer indicates something about fashion, so it should be a fun Friday night.

This is a another band I'm not extremely familiar with, but once again, I have faith in certain aquaintances and friends ie Fernando, Scott, Sandy, and Miguel which all indicate this will be great show. I heard their NYC show sold out and that the Houston gig was phenominal. Its their 1st apperence in Austin Texas, and based on what I've seen on their Myspace page, I'm sure they'll be back for SXSW. The offical Twelves afterparty is at the Music Gym with Richard.Gear, Doneski, and Mr. Fatastico spinning!

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