Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lets Get This Party Hype


I've been browsing blogs and keep coming across all this hype around Harlem, a local band which is playing at Emo's during Free Week. So Emo's is the place to be on Thursday because not only is Harlem, the band which is going to be one of the most successful bands of 2009, playing, but Ume, another local favorite, will play right after'em. Some how I keep missing Ume when they open for other acts or have there own shows, so I'll kill two birds with one stone and check'em out.

On Friday, I'll be all over the place checking out Moth!Fight! and others at Mohawk and Flash Boys at Beerland. Moth!Fight! is a quirky band which has a chaotic sound with melody mixed in for fun. Flash Boys are just a psychotic punk band that just seem to go ape shit and get banned from clubs and venues occasionally. Check out this Flash Boys video a friend made;

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