Friday, April 10, 2009

SXSW Binge and Purge

!Whoa! that is the longest I've gone without posting any thing, hopefully that doesn't happen again. There is no real good excuse except for me being sick, losing my computer, and having some serious problems with Photobucket or Blogger. The problems I'm having with Photobucket or this website have really pushed the posting of this post way off by a couple of weeks. I usually try to post pictures or videos to make the blog some what more interactive, but fucking Photobucket or Blogger's systems just do not want to cooperate, so I give up and I'm just going to post what I have without the 125 pictures I posted on Myspace. Whatever! Mood: annoyed.

Recuperating from SXSW was an ordeal because I had the case of the sniffles(a sinus infection)which stayed with me for three weeks, and my body was so sore and stiff from all the hardcore biking I did during the fest. Riding a bike is really the only way, in my opinion, to effectively be everywhere and see everything you want to during SXSW Music Festival. A bike ride from LaZona Rosa to Stubbs took anywhere from 7 to 10 minutes tops, when walking would have taking forever and driving a car would have been from different locations would have been very difficult. Parking is not an issue with a bike, but crowds can slow a person down. So hitting up multiple venues was a breeze, and I was able set a side so much more time to listen to music.

I made my schedule for each day of the festival on the fly. I was extremely disorganized this year, and I had a hard time taking all of information and organizing it into a working schedule before hand. So every morning I looked at the day shows and planned that out, and in between sets of the day shows, I charted out the night time showcases. For being so disorganized, I have to say it went very well. I got to see alot of new acts and some great bands. I just wish I would have had more time to sit down and thoroughly run through and listen to more of the 1,500 different bands that came through Austin this year. I kinda stuck to what I knew, or what heard of from friends.

Some how I remember this, don't ask me how: Acts I checked out in order starting from the afternoon(1pm-ish and finishing late nite(4am-ish) everyday...

(*) means I didn't get to check out the entire set.

Wednesday 3/18:
-Natalie Portman's Shaved Head
-The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
-Lemonade (*)
-Meat Eater
-The Golden Filter
-Kissey Sellout (*)
-Crocodile (*)
-Janelle Monae (*)
-Boys Noize
-Miami Horror (*)
-Deadmau5 (*)
-The Twelves
-Computer Club
-Franki Chan
-Drop the Lime
-Other random DeeJays(I can't remember their names)

Thursday 3/19:
-Janelle Monae
-Late of The Pier
-The Rural Alberta Advantage (*)
-Grizzly Bear
-The Death Set (*)
-Ocelot (*)
-N.A.S.A. (*)
-Casinokids (*)
-Holy Ghost!
-Le Castle Vania (*)
-Kid Sister
-Treasure Fingers

Friday 3/20:
-Little Boots
-The Whip
-Late of the Pier
-Major Lazer
-Peter Bjorn and John
-AC Slater (*)
-Kill the Noise (*)
-Drop the Lime (*)

Saturday 3/21:
-Asobi Seksu
-Japanther (*)
-School of Seven Bells
-Beachhouse (*)
-Delicious (*)
-The Elysian Quartet
-John Matthias & Nick Ryan (*)
-PJ Harvey (*)
-Duke Spirt
-Steve Aoki
-Maluca (*)
-Frog Dee Jays

Acts that where simply amazing with a 5 star performance...
-Grizzly Bear
-Asobi Seksu

Bands that where great with a 4 star performance...
-Little Boots
-Beach House
-Late of the Pier
-The Elysian Quartet
-School of Seven Bells
-The Golden Filter
-Boys Noize
-The Twelves
-Drop the Lime
-Treasure Fingers
-AC Slater
-PJ Harvey

Every other band and DJ may have rocked it, but not like these acts listed above.

The worst bands which I will probably never see again where...
-Kissy Sell Out
-Peter Bjorn and John

Acts or things I wish I could have seen(I'm sure this list will grow undoubtedly)during SXSW where...
-Passion Pit
-Jane's Addiction
-Dinosaur Jr
-Aids Wolf
-Salma Oxor
-Thee Oh Sees
-Rates El Vaticieno
-Bam Bam
-Echo and The Bunnymen
-Los Lonley Free
-Chemical Brothers
-We are the Band
-Lead singer of Beach House performing with Grizzly Bear
-Grizzly Bear's 2nd performance at Cedar Street
-The riot that broke out during MSTRKRFT at the Radio Room patio
-Playboy Playmate Bunnies
-Hercules and The Love Affair
-Pete Tong
-Matthew Dear
-Vivian Girls

A side note, once again I have no personal computer, so the blog post will be few and far between for the time being, my apologize to my two readers :P


Austin Eavesdropper said...

Post more. :) You have good taste.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!